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Your continuing ability to be astonishingly insightful is really amazing.

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Jan 9, 2023·edited Jan 10, 2023

Spindl's vision for web3 is one that does not protect user privacy. They condemn Apple's "ask not to track" -- but user's want this level of control over their own data. The author compares attribution to critical infrastructure like plumbing that if failed civilization "would teeter on the brink of the abyss." Then he cites Meta and Snap losing revenue as an example of civilization teetering on the brink of abyss. Web3 should give users what they want and Spindl is working against this.

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The overarching technical issue in online tracking is decoupling of actual action and synthesis of an event. For example, if user buys something, it is merchant responsibility to propagate such events over participating networks. It may not happen for many reasons: merchant's interests, or even network/implementation failures.

In Web3 world, events cannot be fabricated. Actions made on blockchain enforce specific logic that makes such things as revenue sharing feels like out-of-the-box functionality.

When it comes to customer privacy, such advancements in Zero-knowledge proofs may allow to create more healthy system and keep power balance in check.

Exciting road ahead!

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This is such a great miniseries and something exciting for the ecosystem, attribution, wow.

Thanks for sharing this early vision and congrats on your fundraising

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